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Meet The Face Behind Alana Taylor Photography

Melbourne Baby and Newborn Photographer

Alana Taylor Photography is the brainchild of Alana Taylor, a seasoned expert in the Newborn Photography Industry since 2010. Her journey began as a baby photographer following years of dedicated service as a nanny in both Australia and England, as well as a career as a Child Educator.

Alana's primary specialties lie in the realm of Newborn Photography and Cake Smash Photography. Her work unfolds within a purpose-built studio nestled in Clyde, Melbourne. With an inherent passion for photography and an enduring love for babies, Alana's career path has seamlessly blended her two passions into a resounding success story.

By choosing Alana as your Newborn or Cake Smash Photographer, you're selecting a professional with over 13 years of hands-on experience. Her expertise extends to the art of safely posing newborns, ensuring the utmost comfort and security for your little one throughout the session.

At Alana Taylor Photography, we're renowned for our vibrant and colorful Cake Smash sessions, establishing us as one of Melbourne's premier Cake Smash Photographers. Alana is fully registered, vaccinated, and rigorously trained in the art of safely handling newborns. Whether you seek a dedicated Melbourne Newborn Photographer or crave creative, artistic, and high-quality work, you'll find it all right here.


If you choose Alana to be your Newborn Photographer or Cake Smash Photographer, you will be choosing a photographer with over 13 years of experience and a photographer who has been trained on how to pose your newborn safely. 

Alana Taylor Photography specialises in the most bright and Colourful Cake Smash sessions and I am proud to be one of the Top Melbourne CakeSmash Photographers 6 Years in a row.

I am a fully registered and fully vaccinated and have been trained how to pose newborns safely.  For a dedicated Melbourne Newborn Photographer who caters to clients who enjoy creative, artistic quality work. 

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I'm Alana, and my journey into photography began back in 2010. My decision to start this business was driven by an unwavering passion for children's photography and a deep desire to capture timeless moments for new families and their precious babies. I firmly believe there's nothing quite as special as freezing those moments in time, creating stories that can be cherished for generations, and shared and enjoyed by the entire family.

My own journey into photography took flight after the arrival of my first baby girl, and I've never looked back since. My business is registered and fully insured, and I operate from a private studio attached to my family home in Clyde.

Specializing in newborn photography, maternity shoots, baby and child photography, and delightful cake smashes, my photography style can be best described as artistic, colorful, and with a touch of vintage charm.

A bit more about my family: I've been happily married for 15 wonderful years and am blessed with two adorable daughters, Indiana and Millie. They are my constant source of inspiration, motivation, and aspiration, driving me to provide exceptional service to new families in our community.

I'm endlessly curious and always seeking new and innovative ways to capture my clients' essence. I hold myself to high standards, constantly striving for perfection and growth. My love for learning is the cornerstone of my business, leading me to actively participate in photography workshops whenever the opportunity arises.

Some might say I have a prop addiction, and I can't deny it. I have an insatiable love for photography props, and I could probably fill a whole studio with them and still want more.

Ultimately, my greatest hope is to look back on my life and know that I've led the fulfilling life I was meant to. I aspire to fulfill the wishes of many families by creating beautiful, timeless photographs, while also cultivating a joyful and healthy life with my family and bringing smiles to people's faces along the way.



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