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Perfect Porsha

The journey into motherhood is something that nobody can really prepare you for.

I thought I had it all worked out before concieving and by the time I was ready to give birth to my first, what else was there to know right?

One thing I was'nt prepared for was the changes in the friendships I had. I'm definetely not saying that you cannot be friends with people that dont have children because my best-friend still hasn't had kids and things have not changed at al between us, but there is a feeling of need in discussing all of the little things in the finest details. If you can have a friend that truly understands sleep deprivation on its best day and the challenge of those first teeth coming to the surface, fussy eating habits and working out what every single cry means you will get through and survive, I promise. I was lucky that when my firstborn came along I met the wonderful Paula. I cannot imagine now my life without her, she has been a shoulder to cry on and support throughout the good and bad days. People tell you that mothersgroups are important and for me this was most definetely the truth.

My oldest daughter Indiana and Paulas oldest daughter are the best of friends. This little cherub Porsha is Paulas youngest, I just want to squeeze her and gobble her up. I simply adore her.

Love Alana


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