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Stunning Porsha and big sister Kirah

Please let me introduce to you all beautiful baby Porsha and her older adorable sister Kirah.

This particular photoshoot was very close to my heart as their mum Paula is a dear friend of mine.

Before you have your kids people continuously tell you how great mothers groups are, how you will make close friends for life, ect. I may have been sceptical of this at first but how very true it really is.

I met Paula in my mothers group a while back when she had just had her new baby girl Kirah and I had my first born Indiana.

We had a great conncection very early on and now our beautiful girls are 6 years old.

When Paula fell pregnant with Porsha I was estatic. I could'nt wait to capture some shots of these two beautiful girls together.

Thank you for brining the girls in for a play today Paula.

Friends forever.

Love Alana XOXO

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