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Beautiful Baby Close ups

So one of my favourite things to do in a Newborn Photography session is to get some really cute close ups of the little ones. These are some of my favourite close ups from the last few weeks.

Lips, eyes, hands and feet seem to be some of the shots I capture often.

I can obviously talk about this for hours on end but I guess that is my job isnt it.

There is no greater love than between a mother and her child, I hope that these baby portraits are enjoyed for many years to come, simple yet timless photography.

The softness and pureness of babies is something that is extremely beautiful and with the right lighting and angles can be not too tricky to capture. It's integral that photographers invest in high quality cameras and lighting. They really can make or break your standard of photography.

I shave spent a lot of time investing in items and researching and am so happy with the materials I have in my studio.

Hope you enjoy some of these close ups.

Love Always Alana XXX

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