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Photography Workshopping!

For me the journey as a newborn photographer is a commitment to being a life long learner.

I honestly believe that when we commit to a business and we commit to having a truly successful business, the only way to grow is to be open to change, network with other amazing photographers and experience and be a part of photography workshops.

For all of you that know me well you would know that I cannot even express my excitement enough when I am able to be a part of these days.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to Host the Life Cycle Images Photography workshop for Nicole.

What amazing day of learning. My god I love my job!!

I just wanted to also make sure I made mention to our Gorgeous Models.

Posing and Styling by Nicole Druce from Life Cycle Images Photography

Enjoy everyone and I will continue to share my journey with all you gorgeous people.

Love Alana


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