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Baby bump bliss

If you are reading this because you have recently booked in your maternity session with me then this very exciting occasion for you and I know that we are going to have a heap of fun doing it. If you have any ideas or pictures you have seen you are more than welcome to send them through to me so I can start drafting out a timeline and organising your photo-shoot.

I love florals and patterns but also whites, beige and lace.

Your wardrobe should be free of logos, pictures and writing.

Must Haves/Must Bring

  • Please bring at least 1 beautiful matching Bra and knickers set (you can see my pinterest board for inspiration)

  • Strapless Bra (white or beige if possible)

  • White, Beige and Black Undies

  • Black and White Bra (make sure they are not maternity bras as they do not look nice in photos)

Blouse / Shirts

A buttoned down blouse/shirt (soft, flowing, drapey fabrics/linen/cotton-one of your own or one of his works well too.) This can have an interesting sleeve or tone on tone pattern/stitching/ruffles, or a long sweater that can be fastened above your pregnant belly. Fitted and cropped blouses are great for showing off your belly also. A tank top or T-shirt that is tight fitting for covering your top and exposing your belly (too loose and your belly will no longer be the focus)


Jeans, slacks, drawstring pants and soft skirts.

Dresses whether they are short or long can also photo extremely well, dresses such as long to the ground in a colour such as white, or a short tight fitting dress can really bring out you gorgeous shape and belly.

Make sure your dresses are tight, too loose and you could loose your belly

I have various fabrics in the studio to choose from as well.

For Him

Try to coordinate with each other. Jean’s, Slacks and soft fabrics look good on him too. Slacks and nice plain shirts can look fantastic. Also be sure to bring plain T-shirts in black or white (beige) and please avoid any logos as they can look tacky in photos. You can see my pinterest board for inspiration

Children attending maternity session

They should coordinate with you as well and have simple attire such as a white dress or for the boys jeans and a plain top with no logo or a nice patterebnd shirt for the boys. Girls look beautiful in white and lace dresses. Make sure their eyes, nose, finger and toenails are clean and groomed. Lotion and lip balm will help with close-ups.

Hair & Make Up

Make -up should be classic and clean. However your foundation can be quite thick as this photographs well and helps me to smooth out your skin in post-processing. Finger and toenails groomed. Lotion and lip balm will help with close-ups.

Hair the same - loose is best. Have your hair either straightened or curled/waved depending on your style. We can put it up to suit a shot at a later time if needed, so make sure you bring hair ties and bobby pins.

I highly recommend drinking lots of extra water for the prior two days…it will make your skin look particularly beautiful!

Leave the rest to me! Maternity photography is my passion and capturing baby bump photos is what I do best!!

Thanks xxx


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