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Intrigued but not yet sure...

Children are just as intriguing too adults as they are to each other. There is nothing more fascinating than watching children's face expressions when a new baby comes into their family and sense the hundreds of questions they probably have going on inside their little heads.

Will I like this baby?

Will this baby like me?

Will it smell?

Will it play with me?

Will it let me play with its toys?

Will it try and take my toys?

Why is this new baby here?

When is it going back?

The list probably goes on and on and reality is that we will never really know anymore than what we presume.

I absolutely adore the way that siblings respond with the new little human that has entered their life and even better than that I get to capture it. Intrigued but not yet sure .... When Tilly met Baby Mia!

Love Alana XXX

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