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Kids Photography

Often I am asked when is the perfect time to capture photos of my child. I'd like to just throw out a specific time for people but you really do know your child best and little ones are all different.

When you do make your booking, choose a time of day that best suits your child’s mood and carefully consider their sleeping and eating patterns. We recommend that you pack a suitable bag containing your child’s favorite snacks, treats and refreshments along with bibs (if required) to protect your child’s clothing in between shots. Please also bring along tissues and baby wipes we all know that it doesn't take long for them to get grubby.

Please ensure child’s hair is neatly groomed, set, or styled according to the desired result you have in mind. Have a google prior to the day so you can pick something that you really like and that will suit your child.

Please ensure your child’s face is clean and free from food, sleep (in eyes) and boogers! You would be surprised how often they feature in photographs! Yucky!

We also recommend you reassure your child about the photo session and let them know that it is about having loads of fun and laughter and not to fear the camera or the photographer.

During the photo session it is common that your child may be a little shy at first. We ask that you do not ask/force your child to perform for the camera. We will make sure that they warm to us in their own time and once they relax we will be there to capture their beautiful little personalities and those special moments.

Leave the rest to me!

Thanks xx


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