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Alphabet of children

I really enjoyed this gorgeous little poem/saying.

Thought you guys might enjoy also.

Amazing, acknowledge them. Believable, trust them. Childlike, allow them. Divine, honor them. Energetic, nourish them. Fallible, embrace them. Gifts, treasure them. Here now, be with them. Innocent, delight with them. Joyful, appreciate them. Kindhearted, learn from them. Lovable, cherish them. Magical, fly with them. Noble, esteem them. Open minded, respect them. Precious, value them. Questioners, encourage them. Resourceful, support them. Spontaneous, enjoy them. Talented, believe in them. Unique, affirm them. Vulnerable, protect them. Whole, recognize them. Xtraspecial, celebrate them. Yearning, notice them. Zany, laugh with them.

Author: Meiji Steward

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