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Small & Sweet

Loved having this family back in the studio for their second little princess. Everyone meet Avery!!!

Assistant Paula McDonald

Bonnet from Dearest Dreams Bed from Drops And Props

Fabric from A Little Life Fabric & Props

Love this outfit from George & Annie Designs - Photography Props

Love Alana X

Small and Sweet. My Little Girl so small and sweet, Those tiny hands and tiny feet. Everyday I watch you grow, You teach me everything I know. Such a joy to be around, Every smile and every sound. Number one you will stay, Each and every single day. You changed my life in such good ways, 'Thank You' is all that I can say. I love to watch you sleep at night, Cuddled warm and wrapped up tight. As I blink the time it flies, It breaks my heart to see you cry. I gave you life, so proud to say, I'll love you more with every day. My little Girl so small and sweet, For you my heart, It beats and beats. By Shauna Scott

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