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7 Tips for diy Newborn Photos at the Hospital

7 Tips for DIY Newborn Photos at the Hospital

This is a feature article written by Sophie Barns from

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The day your baby arrives is one of the most exciting days in any parent’s life. It makes sense that we want to capture each moment of our child’s arrival so that we may treasure the memory for the rest of our lives. But of course, we’re not all professional photographers! So, to help you take perfect photos of your newborn baby when he/she arrives, I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that’ll ensure you end up with gorgeous newborn photos to cherish for decades to come.

1. Make the most of natural light

Lighting is very important when taking good quality photos, but of course every hospital room is different so you might have to compromise and see what you can do with the room you’re in. Ideally, you want to optimise the natural light in the room. So, open the curtains or roll up the blinds and wheel baby’s bassinet over to the window for the best lighting. If it happens to be overcast that day and the natural lighting is limited, you can also turn on the overhead lights and play around with the possibilities. Extra tip: natural light is often best in the morning! So, if the baby has woken you up early for a feed or a cuddle, this is also a great opportunity to sneak in a few nice pics.

2. Don’t worry about poses

Newborn babies are often happiest when warm and swaddled in a blanket, so there’s no need to position them or move them around a lot at this stage. Rather, you might find it’s easiest to move yourself around the baby to capture the best angles. Often the key to capturing beautiful photos of a newborn baby is simply patience and taking your time to capture the moment.

3. Shoot from unique angles

There are many great, yet often forgotten photo opportunities that you can capture simply by experimenting with different camera angles. For example, try taking a photo from directly above the bassinet whilst the baby is sleeping soundly on their back. You might also like to take a photo at eye level with the baby, or even take an eye-level photograph through the bassinette (if it is a transparent bassinet, of course!).

4. First family portrait

Your newborn baby will undoubtedly be the centre of your universe at this point, but don’t forget to also take the opportunity for your first family photo! Gather around your family and friends and capture these precious first moments together.

5. Capture the emotion (candid is key!)

Capturing the emotion on camera won’t be difficult on a day like this. Parents, grandparents, siblings and friends alike will provide for the perfect photo opportunities as they meet the precious new arrival. Taking candid photos of your loved ones meeting the newborn can result in raw and authentic photos, particularly when compared to traditional “say cheese”-style photos.

6. Utilise traditional hospital items

Although the standard hospital items are not personalised, they are tell-tale signs of an unmistakable moment in our lives. Photos featuring items such as the hospital issued bassinette or swaddle blanket play a part in telling our birth story, and certainly stand out in photo albums and photo frames. You might like to take photos in the outfits you brought from home, but don’t forget to also take a few photos with the hospital garments on.

7. Skin to skin moment

Personally, skin to skin mother-child photographs are my absolute favourite. They say a photo speaks a thousand words, and these photos certainly do. Taking a photo whilst mum holds her newborn baby in her arms will undoubtedly convey an image of raw emotion and unconditional love that speaks volumes.

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