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Berwick Cake Smash Photography

What should I bring along to my cake smash?

-2 Towels and a Facewasher for Bathing after the Cake Smash session

-Snacks (think Biscuits, Mum-Mums, cheerios, or puffs) in case they don’t like the cake. We sometimes have to hide them in the cake to make it look like your little one is actually eating the cake. Ssshhh.. If you don't tell, we won’t :)

-An Outfit for the cake smash if you have not picked to use one of mine

-Spare Clothes for you – You will get messy and you will want to have a change of clothing.

-Spare Clothes for your Little One

-Sippy cup to help wash down the cake

-Body Wash if they have sensitive skin (for bathing after the smash)

During your session it's important to get your baby to interact with me and the camera. This is purely to get gorgeous images of connection with your baby. I do this by interacting solely with your baby (provided baby isn't upset). I do ask that during the cake smash session you allow and trust in me to build a rapport with your bubs so I can produce images you will love. If your bubs is upset or I'm unable to interact and I require your assistance I will ask for you to come sit down right next to me to help me get a cute smile if I wasn't able to get one myself. Babies tend to enjoy their cake smashes in a calm environment, hence, yelling, too much hyperactivity, jumping around can cause babies to worry and become distressed. I offer this as advice to avoid disappointment. However all children are different and will have different needs throughout the cake smash photography session.

Love Alana X



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