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Planning a First Birthday

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

So your little ones 1st Birthday is coming up hard and fast and you are not really sure how we got here so fast, right? Overwhelming, exciting and horrifying right?

For most of us 1st Birtday parties are a really big deal but for this generation of one year olds its might just be even more important. Little ones that are coming up to 1 were most likely born in the middle of a pandemic so the mummas may have missed out on maternity photoshoots, newborn photoshoots, baby showers and even visits from loved ones.

So if you are starting to think about your little ones special days let us share our top tips to get you planning.

  • Start with a guest list this way you know how big the venue needs to be, don't forget Great aunt Judy from NSW. :)

  • Consider sleep times and how you will navigate them through the day, pram, port a cot?

  • Invitations- if planning on using a cake smash session photograph get booking, we are here for you!

  • Themes- Is this important to you and what props will you need

  • Venue- play Centre, house party, park, pub? Weather contingencies?

  • Food- does the venue let you bring food or do they provide it- allergies?

  • Cake? Pinetrest is your best friend for cake ideas

  • Have you got a designated photographer for the day, iPhones will work a treat get everyone snapping

  • Sending invites out- social media or paper invites

  • First Birthday outfit

  • Pack a bag with snacks and bottles

  • Pick your own outfits and get excited because this is a big day for you and them!

This is your time to let loose and have fun. You deserve this party as much as they do, your little one has been alive for one whole year and there are many exciting times to come.

Remember that no matter how the party plays out your little one is number one so ensure there is age appropriate play equipment for them so they can have the best time as well as consider if they are crawling and walking and if the venue is suitable. So enjoy and have a ball and remember we are here for all your cake smash needs.......

Contact us using the form below for any cake smash questions xxx

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