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Voted Top Newborn Photographer Melbourne

Alana Taylor Photography was Voted in the Top 18 Melbourne Newborn Photographers and Top 18 Melbourne Baby Photographers in Melbourne

Are you looking for Melbourne's Best Newborn Photographer or Melbourne's Best Baby Photographer? Well you have come to the right place! Alana Taylor Photography was so excited to be in the Top 18 Photographers in Melbourne and Victoria

I have been a Newborn and Baby Photographer for over 9 years. I have my own complete studio setup with years of experience in the Newborn Photography Industry.

- I am Fully vaccinated

- I am a Fully registered

- I am Fully Insured

- I have been trained how to pose newborns safely.

- I have 8 Years Experience in Newborn Photography

​I am a Newborn Photographer and Baby Photographer located in the Melbourne Area. I have been running a successful Photography business for over 8 years with thousands of happy customers.

Shutterturf voted me in the Top Newborn Photographers in Melbourne and you can see the full details here

Newborn Froggy Pose
Newborn Photographer Melbourne



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