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Preparation Guide for your Mentoring Workshop

~ As a photographer the best investment you can make in your business is to invest in yourself ~​

I have been in the Photography Industry for over 14 Years now and I run a very successful Photography Business. I am extremely passionate about teaching the Art of Newborn Photography to anyone that will allow me to. My Newborn Mentoring can be aimed to any level of experience and can be tailored to your needs.

I will share all my knowledge and my resources with you and will of course remain available to you once the day ends as you will be added to My Mentoring Group Facebook Page were you can interact with myself and other photographers I have mentored in the past. I am confident that you will leave Inspired, Confident and Ready to Succeed

Please arrive here at specified time as newborn models are scheduled in to arrive with enough time for us to go through setting up and getting to know each other.

Please Bring:
  • Camera and Lens

  • Laptop if you have one

  • Note Pad and Pen

  • Water Bottle

  • and Wear Summer Clothes its hot in the studio

Newborn Baby Model will be arranged so the images that you take on the day can be used for your portfolio. So yes, you will be taking photos too. So make sure you bring your camera.


We will cover in the studio:

  • Posing newborns safely

  • Workflow to get the most from a newborn session

  • The equipment I use

  • Using Natural Light

  • Using Studio Light

  • Wrapping

  • Camera settings (however basic shooting in manual is required)

  • Set-up for Arrival of Newborn

  • Posing Beanbag

  • Posing using Props

  • Soothing/Settling

Business and Editing:​
  • Maximise Your Sales

  • Customer Management Systems

  • Photoshop and Lightroom

  • Customer Relations

  • Social Media and Marketing

  • Advice on Branding & website

  • Pricing Your Work

You will also receive a Workbook to take home to help you with what was covered on the day and to help you with your journey

You will need a basic understanding of Photoshop and will need a DSLR camera and preferably a 35mm, 50mm lens (or 24-70mm) and have a basic understanding of aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings, and be comfortable shooting in manual mode.

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