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A love so divine!

We had these two little cuties at Alana Taylor photography this month. These girls were absolutely lovely to capture their photos. I hope your family is as happy with the gallery as I am.

Meet Leanne and Lyara. (Gorgeous names for gorgeous girls)

Thank you to my wonderful Assistant Paula McDonald.

I love to capture children and siblings photographs and there is nothing more beautiful than being able to provide parents with gorgeous natural photos of their children. I do all age groups and have several outdoor locations nearby which is perfect for getting natural children's photos.

3-6 Months is when you can get the lying on the tummy shots and propped in baskets shots.

6-8 months is when you can get those gorgeous sitting shots, this is when bubs is sitting unassisted but not yet crawling.

Toddler Photography (1-3 Years).

This can be a super challenging age purely because toddlers hate to sit still however I have heaps of tricks up my sleeve and we will capture some beautiful images.

If this is something you and your family is interested in be sure to get in touch and we can chat about it a little more.

Love Alana XXX

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