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Where should I Print my Images?


I offer Prints and products printed from a Professional Printing Lab that deals directly with Photographers, you can see my prices on my Prints page. However if you prefer to do them yourself you will need to find a great quality printing lab! The cheap chain store labs (Kmart, BigW, Officeworks etc) are a good low cost option for your snap shots but honestly the quality is not the same and it is a shame to spend the money on your lovely photos and not print them with the same amount of love. The little extra cost is SO worth it!

In saying all this if you decide to print your images through someone other than myself I cannot guarantee colour or quality.

However I have a direct affiliation with this professional printing company that will print your images for you. You just need to enter this code below to show that you are a customer of mine.

Your MyProPhoto account number is, when you go in to start your order you will be asked for this number

You can go to this website to get started

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