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The Joy

The Joy of Raising a Baby

We're glad you joined our family, Yet some things make us wonder; How can a little package like you Have a voice that's loud as thunder?

You are so small and oh so cute, But you are never very shy, For whenever you want something brought to you, You just open your mouth and cry.

First you moved on hands and knees, Then you were up on your feet. We're chasing you all around the house; We're tired; we need a retreat!

Your food is smeared over the table; Your food is on the floor; Seems the only place food didn't go, Is in the baby we adore.

Diapers here and diapers there, Stinky... smelly... Whew! Diapers would have done us in, If we didn't love you as we do.

We're glad you joined our family, You're a unique and wonderful treasure. So, despite the work of raising you, Being your parents is a total pleasure!

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

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