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Preparation Guide for your Cake Smash Shoot

In case you haven’t heard, one of the latest trends in children’s photography is the baby’s one year cake smash. These sessions are an absolute riot! Each little one has his/her opinion on the cake smash and some like it messy while others certainly do not.

Must Haves/Must Bring
  • 2 Towels and a Facewasher for Bathing after the Cake Smash

  • Snacks (think Biscuits, Mum-Mums, cheerios, or puffs) in case they don’t like the cake.  We sometimes have to hide them in the cake to make it look like your little one is actually eating the cake.  Ssshhh.. If you don't tell, we won’t :)

  • An Outfit for the cake smash if you have not picked to use one of mine

  • Spare Clothes for you – You will get messy and you will want to have a change of clothing.

  • Spare Clothes for your Little One

  • Sippy cup to help wash down the cake

  • Body Wash if they have sensitive skin (for bathing after the smash)

1. Please leave interaction with your baby to me

During your session it's important to get your baby to interact with me and the camera. This is purely to get gorgeous images of connection with your baby. I do this by interacting solely with your baby (provided baby isn't upset). I do ask that during the session you allow and trust in me to build a rapport with your bubs so I can produce images you will love. If your bubs is upset or I'm unable to interact and I require your assistance I will ask for you to come sit down right next to me to help me get a cute smile if I wasn't able to get one myself. Babies tend to enjoy their cake smashes in a calm environment, hence, yelling, too much hyperactivity, jumping around can cause babies to worry and become distressed. I offer this as advice to avoid disappointment. However all children are different and will have different needs throughout the session.

2. May I invite Family Members to the session?

Your session is exclusive to 2 adults. I like to keep the maximum family members at this session to the immediate family members only.  Too many people trying to get your child to smile or talking, will distract your child.  

3. Don’t assume they will dive right in

We begin by taking pictures of your little one in their cake smash outfit before introducing the cake and try to get some cute smiles before we start.

All parents hope that their little one will dive in and make a mess of the cake. However this doesn’t always happen and that’s okay. We let your baby set the pace, as some littles ones dig right in and destroy the cake, and others need a little bit of encouragement and sometimes even help to get into their cake.  Be ready to get your hands dirty and help your little one get past all that frosting to the cake underneath!

I suggest to all my clients to practice with their little one at home with smashing up a cake and making a mess. It is really important as some little ones do freak out if they have never done this sort of thing before. Not every child wants to dive right in and make a mess no matter what tricks we try. It’s important to know that even if they don’t turn their cake into a gooey pile of crumbs, I am still able to catch fun images of them poking at it or carefully picking bits of icing or decorations. Sometimes we may need to strategically place a little icing to help things along, or other times mom or dad may have to get involved by smashing up the cake for them :) It’s also a good idea to bring along a favourite toy and some snacks in case your little one needs some encouragement.

4. Come prepared for one heck of a mess

One thing parents don’t often realise is that they too will likely become covered in cake and icing during the session (picture your little miss or mister running/crawling straight towards you with icing coated hands), so a change of clothes for everyone, not just the birthday boy or girl, is a good idea.

5. Will I (Mum or Dad) get messy?

You most likely will.  You will have to show your child that they can eat the cake so you might have to take a bite yourself.  Yummy!  Also, your child may stand up and walk or crawl around or maybe even need a cuddle (Oh no! lol), so you will have to keep putting your child back into the designated space.  Your will get frosting on your clothes so don't wear anything you do not want to get ruined.


6. Watch out for allergy

Offering your child a cake during their session that has ingredients they have never had before isn’t a great idea. This one may seem obvious, but it isn’t always to everyone.  In the past I photographed a dear friends daughter’s first birthday cake smash and afterwards she broke out in a pretty bad rash and I felt horrible. I am 99% sure it was due to the cake icing which contained red food coloring  which of course she had never been exposed to before.  It’s something to keep in mind. So please make sure that you little one has had cake and icing before the Cake Smash. Also be aware that depending on the colours you choose for your cake smash the food coloring may tinge your bubs skin. This will come out late in the day x

7. Now lets get Clean

We will finish the session with the cute bath shots that you see on my cake smash images. The bath with have water and bubbles and once I have taken a few shots of bubs in the bath you can get them clean and dressed. They will most defiantly need another bath when they get home as they are nice and greasy from the icing

Thanks xx


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