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~ Lactation Cookie Company ~

Low milk supply? Need to boost milk supply? Want to increase breastmilk supply naturally?

We bake delicious and nutritious cookies twice a week and deliver them free of charge in the Bayside area, or via express post elsewhere in Victoria and Australia.


How do the cookies work?

There are many reasons milk supply can vary between nursing mums and it is best to consult your doctor in the first instance if you are concerned.


There are many galactagogues (substances that improve milk supply in breastfeeding women), both natural and prescription in nature. The Lactation Cookie Company’s cookies have three key ingredients known to improve breast milk supply (galactagogues), oats, flaxseed and brewer’s yeast. We have combined these with other tasty and nutritious tweaks to deliver nursing mums some tasty and helpful treats.

We recommend nursing mums eat 1-2 cookies late afternoon when milk supply is generally known to waver. Our family, amongst others can report that grown men and little boys enjoy these cookies too!

Breast Feeding Mums Recommend

“Thank you... I certainly found them full of flavour and certainly desirable to eat. I liked the White choc and cranberry best, mainly because I love chocolate but I also find that I need a good sugar (chocolate) hit by the afternoon given how sleep deprived I can be and the fact that breast feeding in itself is exhausting. I certainly enjoyed the others too though. I feel they have improved milk supply as I have had a few issues with supply this week and today after consuming three days’ worth of cookies, I feel full- even after feeding. Next time I would probably only have one cookie a day.”

Emma, mother of Liam, Hampton East.

“Lactation Cookie Company cookies are delicious and very effective at boosting milk supply. Within a couple of days I noticed a definite increase in my supply. Having tried other products on the market, I recommend the cookies of this local small business which are also great value and home delivered within Bayside. Thank you Lactation Cookie Company for helping me achieve my goal of exclusively breastfeeding my baby.”

Radhika, mother of Zoe, Brighton East.

"Super tasty and nutritious, stopped me from reaching for a sugary treat in the afternoon and left me feeling satisfied." ​Simone, mother of Marlowe, Highett.


​"Great afternoon pick-me-up and boost for my milk supply... I had to hide them from my partner..." Simone, mother of Marlowe, Highett.​





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