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~ Newborn Photography Mentoring ~

Unlock the full potential of your photography business by investing in yourself

Embarking on the enchanting world of Newborn Photography requires more than just a camera; it demands a deep understanding of the delicate art of Newborn Posing.

My mentoring is focused on how to pose and saftely pose newborn ensuring saftey at all times. 

We focus on learning how to pose in Props and Beanbag poses while keeping the little ones safe.


This hands-on experience includes working with TWO Newborn Models, providing a practical learning opportunity.

You'll be actively using your camera to capture photos, this hands-on method goes beyond just understanding the fundamentals and grasp different angles and compositions. By incorporating real-time photography, you'll refine your skills and build confidence in producing newborn portraits that are both attractive and secure. 

In my 14 years within the Photography Industry, I've meticulously perfected my craft, establishing a flourishing Photography Business that specializes in Newborn, Baby, and Cake Smash Photography. Recognizing the pivotal role of Newborn Posing, I extend my expertise to provide you with comprehensive training and guidance. Understanding how to pose newborns correctly and ensuring their comfort is at the core of my mentoring approach.

As a photographer specialising in studio lighting, I'll guide and teach you the advantages of utilizing studio light compared to natural light in newborn sessions.

Whether you're a photography novice or a seasoned professional, my Newborn Mentoring sessions are tailored to cater to your specific needs. Our journey together goes beyond a simple instructional session. It's a hands-on experience and Business advice where I share my knowledge and give you access to useful resources.

The importance of mastering Newborn Posing before stepping into the realm of photographing newborn clients cannot be overstated. Through our collaboration, I am confident that you will not only gain inspiration and confidence but also be well-prepared to embark on a successful photography journey, armed with the skills needed to create timeless and cherished newborn portraits.


Invest in yourself today to unlock the full potential of your photography business.


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