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Preparing for a Cake Smash Session

The first time I was asked to photograph a cake smash I had a moment of panic, I wasnt even sure if I liked them. After many requests from past clients I agreed to do one, and I loved it! With some experience now under my belt, I have compiled my own personal list of “to do’s” and not-to-do’s”. I’m hoping this blog will come in handy for those looking at booking a first cake smash session.

Tips for Parents:

1 - Book in your session ahead of time, as I book out 1-2 months in advance and cake Smash Sessions are best done when your baby is 10-11 Months Old

2 - Pick your outfit and cake from my huge range of Cake Smash Outfits and Cake Smash Cakes

3 - Make sure your baby is well slept and is just a little bit hungry lol. What I mean by this is dont go gove your baby a full lunch before the cake smash x

4 - Bring Lots of Wipes, Towels and a Spare change of clothes for yourself.

Tips for the Photographer:

1 - Make sure your setup is done and decoarted before the client arrives

2 - Take photos of the baby pre-cake as you want to have some smiling photos before the cake smash

3 - Use 1 Lens. You dont want to worry aboout having to change your lens mid session

4 - Photograph the details, like toes and hands covered in cake

5 - Lots of Close up shots x These are my favorite and the ones that the parents love the best

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