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Daniel Turns ONE!!

Today we had Daniel in the studio for his baby cake smash session.

If you are looking for a Cake Smash Photographer Im sure you will be excited to see Alana Taylor Photography's massive range of Cake Smash Outfits and Setups.

When children are faced with their birthday cake, this particular cake by our friends at Give Me Sugar

They are not always eager to "smash" it up. Sometimes they need a little persuading from myself and their mother.

This is why we always remind parents to bring a change of clothes not only for their little one but also for themselves.

After showing Daniel how fun this experience could be he soon warmed up, had a taste and flashed that beautiful smile for the camera.

We love this polka dot outfit by Stitched Up Mamas. It perfectly compliments this happy little boy.

Please note that as a part of your cake smash package I provide an outfit for your little one to wear on the day and a cake of your choice will be provided from the options I have available from my local trusty cake maker.

I have a huge selection of cake smash outfits to choose from on under the cake smash outfits tab on the website. Please feel free to choose from this collection or you are more than welcome to bring your own. I will recommend that you choose your outfit and then choose your cake so that everything matches nicely.

If you wish to order your own custom set please click on one of the vendors below.

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