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Oh Navy!

Have you ever seen such an adorable little girl?

And what a gorgeous name!!! :)

Today we were lucky enough to spend most of the day with this little one taking some newborn portraits.

Each and every baby is so divine and special and I am very blessed to be able to do what I do every day. I wont deny that being a newborn photographer is a unique type of photography that requires patience, persistence and a very friendly personality. All of the children that visit me need to feel safe, secure and comfortable in my photography studio cranbourne which is why I take what I do very seriously.

For every baby photography session I have to be super organised before my client even arrives for the day. That not only includes having my studio client friendly and ready but this also includes getting my two little girls ready for the day and sending one of my babes off to school. Before every session I prepare myself for a long and fun day, a baby phoptography session generally takes up to 4 hours.

So although baby portraits do take the longest of my sessions offered, taking a look over this babies photo album makes it truly worth every minute and every ounce of sweat.

Love and hugs,

Alana xxx

P.s Some of the vendors I used for props:

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