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So Much Love

Will you look at these two!!

My spunky little friends Bella and Kupa, I love when they come to visit me at Alana Taylor Photography.

I simply cannot explain how much I love to see returning customers.

I know you are probably all thinking "of course she does, its good for business", Although a tiny part of this may be a factor it means so much more than that for me. My heart and soul goes into my business.

I got into this industry for a few reasons, obviously an incredible passion for photography, I'd like to think my skills played a part and also my love for children. Every day I have the privilege of combining these things with baby and child photography sessions like this one.

This one is super special because this family has been coming to me for a while now. I love nothing more than watching these gorgeous little ones grow and develop.

I thought I would take this opportunity to say thank you for the loyalty and the privilege of working closely with your families.

Love Alana


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