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Baby Love!

Here is just a snap shot of some of the adorable babies we have had in the studio over the last couple of weeks. As we all know I am addicted to newborn photography and love sharing my life as a newborn photographer with you all.

I love to capture children and siblings and there is nothing more beautiful than being able to provide parents with gorgeous natural photos of their children. I capture all age groups and have several outdoor locations nearby which is perfect for getting natural photos.

-3-6 Months is when you can get the lying on the tummy photography shots and propped in baskets shots

-6-8 months is when you can get those gorgeous sitting photography shots, this is when bubs is sitting unassisted but not yet crawling.

-Toddler Photography (1-3 Years)

Toddler photography can be a super challenging age purely because toddlers usually do not have the ability to sit still, however I have heaps of tricks up my sleeve and we will capture some beautiful images.

So that's just a littler bit about me and I cant wait to see you and your gorgeous children soon.

Love Alana XX


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