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Master Koda

This weeks spunkiest cake smasher award goes to Master Koda! It just so happens that cake happens to be one of his favourite things. This cake had absolutely no chance against this Cake Smasher!!

At Alana Taylor Photography we are confident to say that we are leading Cake Smash photographer in Melbourne. We have a huge variety of Cake Smash outfits that your child can wear for the session otherwise you are more than welcome to organise your childs outfit.

Cake smashes are best done at around 10-11 months with the concept being to celebrate and embrace turning one years old. Cake Smashes are a great way to celebrate your little ones first birthday as if you have them completed early enough you can use the images for their 1st Birthday Invitations.

A lovely way to celebrate such an important stage in your babies life.

Contact us now for your child's 1st Birthday Cake Smash!

Love Alana X

~ Koda ~

Cake by Sarina's Creative Cakes

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