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A big Thank You!

Sometimes in life we cannot do things without the support and kindness of others.

Unlike other businesses the photography world is made up of kind and generous people all trying to help each other get ahead.

During my journey I have picked up some amazing friends that are not only wonderful people but people who truly understand my passion and dreams as I understand theirs.

This big thank you message goes to my friend Jen from Jennifer Elizabeth photography. What a truly wonderful friend and amazing newborn photographer .

Last week right before a newborn session I dislocated my knee at gym. Other than being in pain and frustrated with a reoccurring injury I was stressed out of my brain as I had this little guy booked in for first thing the next morning.

This job is not one you can just call in sick for, you have to let people down which I find next to impossible to do.

Jen ran to the rescue and I would not have been able to do this session without her.

Jen,Thank you so much for helping me today I appreciate it more than you could know.

introducing you all to Mr Nathaniel - Day 20 ~

Assistant Paula McDonald

See you all soon Alana XX

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