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Loving What you do....

Every now and then I decide to share a few things about myself, If you are new to my blog then of course you could be curious aboout the women behinf the camera.

My name is Alana and I have been a photographer for about 6 years now.

Friends call me Lana, Lanz and Larny.

I started my business due what you could pretty much call an obsession with children's photography, props, newborns, motherhood and everything in between.

My passion came to life after having my first baby girl Indie and I have never looked back. You can ask her yourself, shes 7 now and is my perfect little model and my youngest Millie often says that she will do mummies job when shes older.

For anyone interested in the type of photography I do this will give you a little bit more info:

My photography style would best be described as Artistic, Colourful and Vintage!

A little bit more about me:

-I am happily married for 10 years

-I have two adorable little girls Indiana and Millie. (7 & 4 years old )

-My friends say that I have a severe prop addiction and I can't disagree.

-I love reality tv

-We have a puppy called Daisy (my daughters named her)

-I love going to the movies

-I love old school boiled lollies and condiments with anything I eat

-I have 3 sisters

-I have had the same best-friend for 30 years

So that is a bit more about me:

Life goal-

I honestly hope that I can look back on my life and know that I have led the life I was intended to lead, fulfilled many families wishes through beautiful timeless photographs, created a happy and healthy life with my family as well as made people smile along the way.

Love Alana and Welcome to Alana Taylor Photography.

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