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See you Soon

If you have booked in with me and just reading up on the final details you have come across the perfect post!

I am so happy to be taking photos of your perfect little angel! As a mom of two children, I understand how overwhelming those first few days can be with a new baby so I created some important notes to help you prepare for our newborn session together.

  • Please keep your baby awake at least an hour prior to leaving your house. If baby falls asleep in the car on the way this is perfect as bubs will be nice and settled on arrival. This will ensure your baby sleeps and we can get all the gorgeous sleepy and prop shots that you are after.

  • Please give bubs a big (Full) feed before leaving to come to the session.

  • Dress your baby in a onesie that zips in the front as it’s easiest to take off and less disturbing to your baby. Please do not put a singlet on your bubs.

  • If your baby is in a car seat capsule please bring the baby into the studio in the capsule.

Cant wait to meet you and your little one. Let's go and get some amazing photos that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Love Alana XX

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