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Covid-19 Restrictions

I have been in contact with Business Government Victoria for the past few days via email and phone to discuss more in depth about the restrictions regarding businesses and how it directly affects Alana Taylor Photography.

The initial response that we received was that all Non Essential businesses must close, however upon speaking to further government bodies we have been informed that we are able to run business as usual provided we are able to abide by the current restrictions in place with regards to social distancing and hygiene.

The other thing that was required was that only 1 parent can accompany child into the studio again due to social distancing requirements. So unfortunately no other siblings or parents can come.

So as it stands I am able to be keep doing sessions at this stage however as we are aware these restrictions can change at any time.

The current restrictions state that you are only allowed to leave your house for the 4 essential reasons. Unfortunately a photography session is not one of these 4 reasons and as such there is a risk of a fine if you are caught in transit here or home

Please also note:

- If you or a family member is unwell or have been in close contact with anyone who is unwell or traveled overseas recently, please let me know as we wont be able to do the shoot at this time.

- If myself or any member of my family is unwell for any reason, I will reschedule your photoshoots without question.

- Shoes must be left outside the studio.

- You must use hand santiser provided when entering the studio.

- I will be of course washing and sanitising my hands before, during and after sessions

- washing all props that have been used

- keeping the studio & bathroom clean with surfaces disinfected and vacuumed



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