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How to survive the school holidays

School holidays, so fun! Okay okay okay, they are really great, BUT, we also find them super exhausting and strenuous. Its a tough gig keeping the kids entertained after a HUGE year and a much needed break! How are we supposed to occupy the kids? And why do they think its all about them, how rude! LOL

SOOOOO we have put together our top tips for surviving the school holidays, you may even enjoy them. For once I would like to not be counting down the days to school and work goes back. :)

Top tip for Survival;

  1. Plan some activities. Involve the children in this so they feel a sense of control. Children like predictability, putting some ideas down on a calendar allows you to point to some things that are coming up. This could save the "I'm bored" or "we never do anything" arguments that I am likely to have with my two kids.

  2. Day trips, These do not need to be expensive. It could be a bush walk, trip to the beach, roller skating, picnic in the park or trip to see an old friend.

  3. Add some chill days to the same calendar, days that everyone agree can be family movie days or maybe a game night with some snacks.

  4. Have a discussion prior to holidays about screen time, this saves some fights later.

  5. Snacks- Again have a chat before the holidays so that you are not constantly arguing over icy poles and potato chips. Its important to keep some routine when it comes to the old fruit intake.

  6. Introducing some extra responsibility, it could be helping to make dinner, walking the dog or maybe writing up the food shopping list.

  7. Play dates are the key to survival. Borrow a neighbours child or hand yours over, a great daily distraction for both families.

  8. Enjoy family time and remember how lucky you are to be surrounded by these mini humans. One day they wont pay as much attention to you and you will miss it!

That is us, wish us luck. Its a hectic time of year but we do love it. Bring on some beautiful Melbourne weather as we will be hopefully laying by a pool somewhere getting our tan on.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year, thank you for another wonderful year of support and thank you for allowing us to take photographs or your precious cargo.

Alana X

For any future bookings we would love to hear from you

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