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Stage 4 Restrictions and how this affects Alana Taylor Photgraphy

More info about what this all means for Alana Taylor Photography and your session.

Please understand that having to postpone your sessions and temporarily having to close my doors was not a decison I was able to make myself, so please be kind to me. I am as devasted as you are

- Please Note - when I mention reschedule/postpone you dont have to book for the same type of session you originally booked in for. For example you may have booked in for a Newborn session but you can transfer to a baby or cake smash session. Or maybe you booked in for a cake smash and we can do a baby shoot instead. Its up to you and I will work with you to arrange this if needed. But in saying this Cake smash sessions are still fun when babies are older!

- Do not ask for a refund of booking fee, regardless of Covid-19 all booking fees are NOT REFUNDABLE. Like mentioned above we will reschedule a shoot once restriction are lifted or you can transfer your deposit to a totally different session down the track

- Your deposit will be valid until you use it, within reason (I will honour it for up to 2 years)

- I will not be issuing gift vouchers or taking payments of any kind as of today

- If you have a concern, please email me: Contact Alana

Please be understanding and patient with small businesses at the moment. As you can understand it is very hard to plan for the future in such uncertain and unexpected times and many are hurting.

If you have any questions at all, I'm here just reach out.

Thank you for all the wonderfull support I appreciate it 😘

Stay safe. Stay Healthy. Do the right thing. ❤ Alana Taylor


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