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Time To Sleep

I came across Ange's page on instagram andthought many mum would find her services useful.

Welcome to Time 4 Sleep. My name is Ange and I am an in - home sleep specialist for families with children Birth to 4 years. I am a mum of 3 teenage children I have worked in a Mother baby unit and also training & assessing for many years as well as in home support for many years. I use a gentle technique and work with families 1-1 to come up with the best plan for the whole family moving forward. My aim is to educate and empower families to achieve their goals and feel positive in their parenting journey.

There are many sleep challenges that our Time 4 Sleep consultants are ready to assist you with, including;

*Ceasing night feeds where age appropriate

*Ceasing dummy use

*Establishing age appropriate routine

*Assisting with feeding (breast and bottle)

*Solids education and

*Transition from the cot to a bed

Our sleep guidance aims to provide you and your child with the necessary tools to achieve the best possible sleep every day and every night. Time 4 sleep have many options that may best suit your family’s needs, these may include a 2-hour in home consultation, an all-day consultation, an overnight stay or for families in an area too far, we offer phone/skype consultations. We also offer respite to families with newborns up until 5 months of age.

SLEEP! Self settle, Learn, Educate, Empower, Persistence - You've got this!

Our sleep experts work one-on-one with our families to establish a plan that is sustainable moving forward. We use a gentle and reassuring approach. Our aim is to educate parents and allow you to establish a routine and settling techniques that you will continue to implement and use even once we have left, empowering your family and ensuring restful sleep for you all.

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