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Cake Smash Cake Options


As part of our Cake Smash packages, we include a beautifully crafted Cake Smash Cake. Below, you'll find a selection of designs and options from our talented cake maker. If you have a cake design in mind that I dont have please get intouch and I can check too see if my Cake Baker is able to accomodate. All cakes below can be done in any colour/colours that you like.It doesnt have to be the same colours as the image. 

~ If you wish to order a custom cake of your own please contact me for a quote ~


Inclusions and Pricing:

  • All cakes are Vanilla Sponge, I dont recommend a chocolate sponge as it does not photograph well.

  • Simple Cakes: Cakes with minimal fondant work are included in the package price.

  • Detailed Cakes: Cakes with extensive fondant work and intricate details will incur an additional fee, typically ranging from $10 to $25.

If your chosen cake design falls into the detailed category, we will notify you of the extra cost and provide a price quote. You'll then have the option to proceed with the cake or select a different design that fits within the package price.

Extra Cost/Details:

  • Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Vegan Cakes etc is an extra $10 on your Package price.

  • Adding a Rainbow Layers Inside or a layered Colour Palette in your cake is an extra $20 on your Package price.

  • If you woulld like a custom childs name toppper for your cake you will need to source this yourself. I do not offer this service.







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