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Sending through your Inspiration Pics for your Newborn Shoot

If there are any particular setups of mine that you want you will need to send me a screen shoot at least 2 days prior to your session. 

- Please send me a photo of your bubs.

- Please send only 5-8 images.
- Please note when selecting images of mine I need a mixture of fully wrapped shots and unwrapped shots as I cannot do a full session with a unwrapped baby/naked baby 
- Please also note that I cant guarantee the shots that you select, it will depend on the baby

My Newborn Gallery Can be seen Here

~ Newborn Gallery ~

You can also see more Images on my Facebook and Instagram Below

~ Facebook ~

~ Instagram ~

Examples of Naked and Unwrapped Shots

I cannot do a full session with a unwrapped baby/Naked baby such as the images below. Do not send me all your images of these shots. You need to also include Fully wrapped shots like the ones below. Please note I can only put your baby into one outfit for the session so please dont send me 5 different shots with 5 different outfits. 

Examples of Wrapped Shots

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