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The intricacies of newborn photography

The funny thing about newborn photography is that not all babies arrive at the studio completely content with a tummy full of milk and sleepy eyes drifting off with every breath taken. Some of these little cuties come in more alert than you can possibly imagine, it's like someone just set off a fire alarm in the same room and disturbed them from a state of hibernation.

Their mum is usually quite apologetic and very hopeful that their little one will soon doze off but not me, as soon as the little one lock eyes with mine we both share an mutual understanding of the session we are both about to undertake.

Okay so maybe I'm exaggerating a tad but it can be quite hard work and if you wanna see a true baby whisperer in action you would have to be a fly on the wall. My negotiation skills come into play and the pursuit begins.

Now while that is all happening behind the scenes the end result are newborn photography shots like these ones.

So whilst your little one might test every last nerve I have it really doesn't matter as I haven't had to disappoint a client yet. Some may call it a gift.... :)

"I'll take any challenge".

Love Alana Taylor


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