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Well this week I was lucky enough to meet Archie and his adorable family.

I thought I would take a minute to remind you all my pregnant ladies out there, if newborn photography is something that you are excited about please don't wait to be in touch.

Please see below for some fun facts.

Love Alana x


BOOK NOW! I only take on a certain amount of mums due dates per month and I book out fast! Basically the way it works with a newborn shoot is if you are interested in booking a photo shoot for when bubs is born you provide me with your due date so I can put it in my calendar. Once baby is born you need to contact me with 48 hours so we can book in a time within the first 2-3 weeks or so of birth so you can get all the gorgeous sleepy photos I usually leave spots available for newborns as I have so many ladies due dates in my calendar. If you do not book in prior to having your baby then it will be unlikely I will be able to do newborn photos for you so its best to book in early.

See you lovelies soon.

Love Alana XX

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