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Baby and Newborn Photography Berwick - Baby Proofing your home

Melbourne Baby Photographer, Alana Taylor Photography gives you; a first time mum and dad tips to baby proof your home…

Taking the necessary precautions around your house is essential for keeping your new little baby safe. And trust me its time to start organising as that little bundle will be crawling and getting into everything in no time.

On average, babies start to crawl around 8 months so taking action prior to this stage in baby’s development could save you a lot of bumps, falls and tears.

In my experience as a mum of 2 girls and hearing lots of stories from parents whilst working as a Melbourne baby photographer the following tips will certainly help!


  • If you have a fireplace, shield the fire with a guard door. It should be placed not too close to the fire so there is little risk that baby will get close to the fire and burn herself. Also cover the sharp edges and tiles that are around the fireplace.

  • Got stairs? Installing a stair gate is a must. Babies love to climb unaided so protect them from nasty falls.

  • Look around your living room and identify all the sharp edges and curves that could potentially hurt baby if she was to bump into it. Cushion these edges with soft bumpers. Also notice any glass or breakables that are within reach and store them high up where baby can’t reach or climb.

  • Placing an unsupported television on a low cabinet could put your child in serious danger. Store it in an entertainment centre with closed doors or mount a flat panel bracket onto the wall so baby can’t push it or pull it over.

  • Plants. As beautiful as they are, they may need to take homage on the top shelves for a while to prevent baby not only making a lot of mess but eating the tasty soil.


  • Cleaning products are typically kept under the sink but with baby around, they need to be moved to a high cupboard or fasten a safety lock to the cupboard and keep the doors securely shut.

  • The stove is just another play toy to baby so make sure they don’t turn the fun knobs or pull the oven door down on herself with knob covers and an appliance lock. Also, when cooking, either keep baby out of the kitchen or stay by the oven at all times ensuring all pan handles are turned inwards.

  • Got pets? Putting pet nibble on cupboards for the cats to eat or standing by your pet until he finishes his food on the floor and then removing the food can ensure that baby doesn’t spoil her dinner and choke on delicious cat/doggie snacks.

  • Plugs. Curious little holes perfect for little curious babies with small fingers to poke at them with. Use plug covers to cover all plugs when not in use.


  • When it’s bath time, always test the temperature before letting baby splash around. Invest in a bath chair to allow baby to sit up in the bath and save your aching arms. Also, cover all taps and spouts to prevent bumps to the head.

  • Non slip mats are essential to prevent falls and slips when getting out of the bath.

  • Install a toilet lock to stop baby from dropping the toilet seat onto her fingers and for unsanitary purposes

  • Make sure your medicines are kept in a high cupboard and installed with a lock.

The Images contained in this blog post are taken by Alana @alanataylorphotography If your looking for a Baby Photographer Melbourne then look no further Alana as she is by far the best at creating beautiful imagery just for you!

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