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Cranbourne Newborn Photographer

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

New life, a little baby, a little star, The world awaits you near and far With guidance and loving care That will keep you safe and happy there. There's family to meet, Pets and friends to greet. A long path with us you'll share, We'll always be happy to meet you there. Life experiences will soon unfold, Stories now waiting to be told. Adventures, discoveries, obstacles and dreams All join to form your self-esteem. Of yourself, have no fears. Enjoy each day over the years. Be proud of who you are, no fuss, A unique little person loved by all of us.

By Penny Brown

A gorgeous gallery of a gorgeous little guy. Check out my website for further inspiration for your little ones newborn photographs.

We are a Melbourne based Newborn photographer that specialises in beautiful lighting with pops of colour. Baby portraits are the perfect addition to your lounge room wall.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Love Alana X

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