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How to Avoid Newborn Nappy Rash

Updated: May 21, 2022

Newborn Nappy rash is something we dont prepare for when bringing a new baby home. Even with the most care your little love it likely to get it unfortunately. Of course, our heart goes out to our little loved one with a flaming red. The great news is there is so much we can do to try to avoid diaper rash or at least minimize flare-ups if they were to occur

Find ways to be Nappy Free!

Nappy Rash is more likely to occur in wet and more dirty atmospheres so the cleaner and drier the bum, the less likely your bubs will develop a rash. As most new mums are home with your newborn, it is recommended to try to find windows of time during the day for the baby to go nappy-free.

Click Here for information on nappy-free time for babies and newborns.

Make sure to Research and Choose the right nappies

Nappies have come a long way, but the majority of baby brands still use bleach, chemicals, and synthetic fillers to yield their white, “super absorbent” attributes. Newborn babies have ultra-sensitive skin that would benefit from fewer chemicals and synthetics - and more nappy changes. Some babies may get rashes with one particular brand and not with another, so testing other brands may lead you to the one best suited to your baby.

Make sure you visit thos informative blog on choosing Diapers: How to Choose a Brand That’s Right For You,

You can leave the diaper a little looser than normal

Sometimes we can make the nappy a little tight on babies as we are worries for little accidents. So we may be doing it a little tighter than it needs to be, which can often prevent air circulation and keeps wee and poo trapped tighter against the babies skin. Try to make sure you can easily stick a finger or two between the leg holes and waistband.

Research and purchase natual nappy moisturisers and rash ointment

Making sure you do your research and looking for products that have less chemicals and more organic ingredients is the best way to avoid nappy rash on your baby. The supermarket range seems to be the cheapest but is more full of cheap chemicals.

Ointments and Barrier creams are a great way to provide a protective layer between the baby’s skin and the offending irritants.

Look at your baby’s diet (or yours....)

Babies can often have food sensitivities or allergies and these babies are more prone to diaper rash and other skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. You may find that an elimination diet can minimize internal inflammation and therefore the likelyhood of diaper rash will be less. If you are breastfeeding, you may need to evaluate your food diet as well. The foods you eat, which then convert into breastmilk, can contribute to diaper rash.

Here is an informative blog to help

Newborn nappy rash is no fun. And, you want to maintain a nice, smooth, happy bum for those Newborn Photos.

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16 sept 2022

The fastest way to clear a diaper rash is to give the affected area as much time possible in the open dry air. For a baby in diapers, this may be a task, but leaving your baby diaper-free for as long as you can will help to dry and heal the area quickly.

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