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How to find the right photographer?

Some would say that children's photographers are becoming a saturated market. Although if we are going by numbers alone there could be truth in the statement. If we consider quality then that is a whole different story.

I would probably compare our industry to early childhood, why you ask? Let me explain.

Kids are cool right? so like childcare some may dive into the industry after ticking just a few boxes, I like kids, minimal time for qualifications, tick, get paid to hang out with cuteness all day, tick! Those that know either industry know that there is soooooo much more to it than that.

So back to the initial comment about a saturated market, yes it is, so finding the great ones is even more challenging than it used to be.

Our tips for sifting through are;

  1. Google (1st page photographers are usually in the most popular

  2. Reviews (people only review when they are really happy or really not happy so they can definitely provide a good insight

  3. Work out the style you like, bright colours, whimsical, rustic, inside, outside, natural, posed.

  4. Availability- good photographers very rarely have vacancies in the next few months

  5. Location- Be prepared to travel for quality

  6. Communication (good customer service matters)

  7. Lastly- fits within the budget, again please always remember that quality costs.

Thanks for stopping by, if you would like to know more why not get in touch using the link below.

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