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What to pack for your Hospital Birth Bag?

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

If you are reading this it probably means that you are in your last trimester and trying to get as organised as possible. So we thought that we would collate all of our experience and make a user friendly hospital bag list of all the things you REALLY need for your hospital bag. I guess one of the first things you should consider is how long your hospital stay is and be prepared, just because you think you are only staying 24 hours, things can happen. Most people say pack the bags around 34-38 weeks, we think anywhere from 30 weeks is smart.

Starting to prepare early also helps if you have a few last minute purchases you need to squeeze in such as a coming home outfit, milestone plaque, maternity bra or comfy undies.

One thing that can be a great idea is to actually have 2 bags as well as smaller hospital bags that are labelled for your partner. Check out these adorable organisers-

So let's get right to it;

Mummas bag

  • air pods or head phones, your baby might be a great sleeper but you could be sharing a room with 3 or more other babies

  • a real long phone charger- let's be honest you will talk on the phone and take a lot of pics of your new squish

  • undies, do not be shy here, go hard, things happen ladies

  • pads and lots of them, again things happen

  • your most comfiest clothes, you may have visitors now we are kind of out of covid times so cute and comfy is the way to go

  • Maternity bras and my favourite, maternity singlets

  • slippers are a nice touch

  • toiletries (hair brush, scrunchie, toothbrush, lip balm)

  • snacks, midnight munchies are a thing

  • a pillow may make your stay a little more realxing

  • nipple cream (I know but seriously it helps)

  • breast pads

Baby Bag

  • a variety of outfits, bonds zippys are your friend

  • Baby file and baby book

  • bottles

  • dummies

  • depending on the weather a beanie or mittens

  • nappies and wipes

  • swaddles

Hope this helps!!! XXXX

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