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Finding your Newborn Photographer

The first professional photos of your newborn are so important, and you can never get this time back so its so importnant to find the Right photographer. You want these images to capture the beauty and innocence of your little one within your style and budget. You want to look back at those pictures years from now with that same warmth you had when you first held them. You dont want your photos to get outdated and you want them to compliment your house for years to come.

Here are some quick tips to finding the right photographer for you.

When should I start looking for a newborn photographer?

The earlier you start the process allow you more time to find the right photographer who photographs newborns in a style that you like, and within your budget. However you need to be careful that your photographer is trained in newborn safety as there are many photographers around that do not have the experience or training to handle your newborn.

Where should I start looking for a newborn photographer

Finding a Photographer these days is pretty easy with so much access to the internet and facebook. Every viable modern-day photographer will display their work online, thier website, facebook or instragram. You can also do Google searches for newborn photographers in your area. Word of mouth is also the best referral and this is always the best referral you will get x

How soon after my baby is born should I have my baby photographed?

Newborn Photographers will always want to capture your newborn in the first few weeks. usually Between 5-21 days. The best newborn images are taken while they’re sleeping. Every baby is different but usually if the baby is beween this age you will be able to capture those gorgeous curled up sleepy photos.

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