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Newborn Photography with a Difference

Your new baby has finally arrived.!

Life can bring many challenges as I have found through many discussions with new mums. We really do all have our own unique story to tell when it comes to welcoming our new little one to the family.

Some of us find it quite easy to fall pregnant and others struggle for many years.

I know for myself having my 2 perfect little girls wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, they really are both adorable and I count my blessings every day that I now have my own wonderful family.

Even though I'm a Newborn photographer and of course take many photos of my two. However I still often have other Professional Baby photographers take photos of my little ones as they often dont behave for me! Im lucky enough to have many friends in this Industry.

I honestly believe that there is no greater pleasure than working with brand new mums to capture their perfect angles and allow them to share this moment with the world. Having your new babies photographed is an amazing gift and such a great reward for the 9 months you spent anticipating their arrival.

These are some of my favorite clients of my week.

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