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My Beautiful Friend Kate

There are particular times in your career where you might just be lucky enough to work with not only some of your favourite photograpahers but also capture breath taking phtographs of one of your closest friends.

Meet Kate from Kate Lee photography. Today I was part of Fox and Feather Photography Maternity workshop.

People often say that becoming a photographer is something that takes natural ability and creativity.

Although I very much agree that this can be true there is also the important factor of remaining current in your photography as well as contuning to challenge yourself and learn new skills.

Having opportunities like I had today are the rare times in my busy scedule that I can really sit back and truly embrace new found learning, of course remaning extremely busy and enjoying listening to other talended photographers ideas and theories.

I met Kate a while ago now through having my business and we have a great friendhsip. As I am so passionate about being a baby and newborn photographer and of course my business Alana Taylor Photography I can clearly talk for hours on end about my passion. It really is nice to be able to share this with someone who is on their own journey with their photography business. The photography world can be at times be competitive so its nice to be able share my thoughts and ideas with a true friend that understands the world I am part of.

I really enjoyed getting outdoors this week and being able to not only capture Kate but also her precsious little one and beautiful baby bump.

Kate and her daughter wore beautiful flower crowns.

I love being a baby photogopher and I feel blessed daily to be able to do what I do.

Some of my favourite vendors:

Love Alana x

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