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What is a Cake Smash?

What is this whole cake smash thing you ask?

Although I think by now most people are onto this insanely popular trend for first birthday celebrations, I still from time to time get asked what is this cake smash thing all about? I guess it does sound a little strange so I thought I would take some time to tell you a little bit about what it is all about!

A cake smash cake is a smaller than normal cake that in someways resembles a large colourful cupcake. The idea is to present not only a gorgeous cake to photograph but also a cake that is extremely yummy!

I guess to some of you it sounds a little bit strange but to me it has become a huge part of my business. I photograph cake smash sessions most weeks and they seem to be more popular than ever. They provide endless entertainment for years to come and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

I guess it really is a bizarre concept having a excited crazy little toddler destroy a gorgeous cake, cover themselves, their families, the studio and usually the photogrpaher in that same gorgeous cake, and then take photos whilst this is all happening.

The question for you if you are still not convinced is have you checked out my cake smash gallery?

I think if your not yet convinced you will be once you have checked out those adorable and extremely hilarious pics.

The purpose of cake smashes in the most simple of explanations is to celebrate a child turning 1. Turning 1 is a wow moment, not only for the child but for that little ones family.

Its a way to create some stunning memories for this super special day and if done just before the child turns one then these pics can be used for 1st Birthday invitations. At Alana Taylor Photography we encourage the little one year olds to go wild, have fun, make a mess and most impotantly enjoy the delicious cake.

Hope that helps with your decision making!!

Love Alana xx


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