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Little Miss Dakota

Over the last few weeks we have been crazy busy with an abundance of cake smash photography sessions.

Today we had the pleasure of meeting sweet little Dakota and her family. Dakotas mum chose an orange and pink inspired theme for her shoot. At first Dakota seemed unsure of what was happeining but that soon changed when she spotted the delicious cake and we gently introduced Dakota to her very first Birthday cake. Dakota sat and observed the cake with her matching outfit and gorgeous bow, it did not take long for Dakotas’ interest in the cake to emerge once she had had a little taste, she smiled as we watched the first mouthful go down. Before we knew it her hands were in her mouth and she was covered head to toe in the yummy icing, she especially enjoyed holding the wooden spoon. We were able to take a great selection of photographs for Dakota and I’m sure there will be many giggles for years to come as her family enjoy these pictures.

Happy 1st Birthday Miss Dakota we hope you enjoyed your cake smash!

Love Always Alana xoxoxo

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