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Precious little baby

Well we have all had one of these days haven't we. Newborn Photography allows me to capture many special moments. Sometimes we have gorgeous sleepy babes, sometimes we have alert little ones, sometimes we have perfect little smiles and sometimes we have fun stuff like bowel movements. :)

Newborn Sessions are best done in the first 2 weeks so we can capture those adorable sleepy photos (I cannot guarantee sleepy poses over 3-4 weeks old).

Newborn session time is usually 1-2 hours as we need to allow for feedings, changing and settling baby to sleep. Images are best taken under 2 weeks of age to capture those gorgeous sleepy shots. I will still always attempt sleepy shots and poses for older babies but it can be a little more challenging as babies older than 2 weeks are more alert.

Please remember I fill up these places extremely quickly, especially Newborn Photography sessions.

Hope to see your little ones soon.

Love Alana


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