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So You Have Booked with Me!!

Well if you are reading this then it sounds like you are booked in to have pics taken of your little one. How exciting!!

I am so happy to be photographing your new bundle of joy! As a mom of two children, I understand how overwhelming those first few days can be with a new baby so I created this informational guide to help you prepare for our session together.


  • Please keep your baby awake at least an hour prior to leaving your house. If baby falls asleep in the car on the way this is perfect as bubs will be nice and settled on arrival.This will ensure your baby sleeps and we can get all the gorgeous sleepy and prop shots that you are after

  • Please give bubs a big (Full) feed before leaving to come to the session

  • Dress your baby in a onesie that zips in the front as it’s easiest to take off and less disturbing to your baby. Please do not put a singlet on your bubs.

  • If your baby is in a cars eat capsule please bring the baby into the studio in the capsule

What To Bring

  • Please bring your wedding rings as I like to get photos of your rings with your babies feet

  • Bring your makeup in case you have to touch up​

What to expect during your Newborn Session

I may spend up to 1-2 hours photographing your baby, however sometimes your baby may require more time. I allow enough time for your baby to eat, for me to clean up messes and settle your baby if needed. It also accounts for changing setups for different poses.

I keep my studio nice and toasty. The temperature can range from 23 to 28 degrees so you will want to dress appropriately. I will photograph your baby in the nude so you do not need to bring outfits for the baby. Most clothing items will swallow your baby. I believe it is by capturing the innocence of a nude baby that makes my images art.

What to do before your scheduled Newborn session and things to Bring

  • Bring lots of Bottles and formula if you are not breast feeding. Babies tend to eat allot more during the session than they would do at home. They will require more milk than there normal scheduled feeding. The reason being that your baby is not just sleeping during the session like they would at home and its warm in the studio x It is also suggested if pssible to bring some expressed milk in a bottle if you are breat feeding

  • Put clothing and diaper on loosely to avoid red marks. A onesie that zips in the front is easiest to take off and less disturbing to your baby. Please do not put a singlet on your bubs

  • Grab a pacifier even if you do not plan on letting your baby use one. Pacifiers help soothe babies and will make the session go much smoother. If your baby becomes unsettled in a pose often a dummy will calm them enough to continue without having to get them up and re-pose them all over again. I have Brand New Sterilized Jollypop Dummies that I prefer to use during my session. (these dummies are shaped like a Nipple and adjust to the size of your baby’s mouth.)

  • Bring a Snack for yourself

  • A change of clothing in case baby has an accident on you

  • Give your baby a sponge bath and don’t forget the lotion

  • I love capturing sweet moments with Mom, Dad, and other siblings. To keep the focus on your baby, please have available a solid Black, White, Grey or brown shirt, blouse or sweater.

During Your Session

When you arrive, I will most likely take your baby from the car seat and undress him/her. If your little one wakes up hungry, I will allow you to feed to get a nice full belly. With the poses I do, a sleeping baby is required. I will never place your baby in an unsafe position just to get a pose. Your baby’s safety is the MOST important thing to me.

Once baby has feed I will often ask that you (mom) allow me to take over. Babies can smell moms and may not sleep well. Remember the Session can take anywhere from 1-2 Hours (or sometimes longer) and the studio will be very hot.

I always aim to take many different setups of your baby during the session using props etc. However please remember that every baby is different and we may not be able to do everything you are after.

Please understand that sibling shots and poses are not guaranteed as siblings are not always willing to co-operate and your babies safety if the most important to me.

Hair and Makeup Tip

Here are some guidelines for makeup and hair if you have booked in to have faily/sibling photos. Make-up should be classic and clean. However your foundation can be quite thick as this photographs well and helps me to smooth out your skin in post-processing. Hair the same - loose is best. Have your hair either straightened or curled/waved depending on your style.

And Finally.........

I want you to come away from this Baby photography session with images you will cherish forever. Thank you for trusting me to capture one of the most wonderful moments in your life.

Thanks xx


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